Thursday, April 8, 2010

Congratulations Beth Scott! Winner of the Tramonti give-away!!!

You've won the Midnight Row Anchor, now you can choose your chain!

The Midnight Row Anchor
The Positano Chain

The St. Tropez Chain

The next give-away will feature an item from the Whitney Williams Collection, details to come!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy to wear, easy to pack

This time of year i'm always on the lookout for clothes that look good but are easy to pack for beach vacations and weekend getaways. During my search I discovered this dress form Tara Matthews on net-a-porter. I love how you can wear it as a cover-up but it also looks great for a night out! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cynthia Vincent for Target!

Cynthia Vincent has given us many things to be thankful for. In 1993 it was St. Vincent, now known as the contemporary line Vince. In 2003 it was a collection of clothes and shoes under the label Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. On April 18th it's a collection of Cynthia Vincent shoes designed especially for target. With a price tag under $30 what more can you ask for? Mark your calendars because these shoes will go fast!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A 48 hour Easter at the beach

Every Easter since I can remember my family has gone to Florida's panhandle near Seaside. With busy schedules, work and a million other things going on, we generally don't have time to get away for a long period of time. If you ever get the chance to go to Florida's panhandle, i've given you what I think are the best things to do in 48 hours!

Watch the sunset at Bud and Alley's
Assuming that you get into town on Friday evening before sunset, you need to immediately go to the rooftop bar at Bud and Alley's in Seaside. Even if you don't want a drink, you need to go for the sunset. You can sit at a table overlooking the ocean, snack on the amazing sweet potato fries or tuna dip and you might even get a chance to ring the bell alerting everyone that the sun has set. 

Stay at Watercolor Inn & Resort

If you want a place with miles of trails for running and biking, incredible restaurants, shopping and easy access to the beach, you should definitely stay at Watercolor. For your 48 hour trip rent one of the  rooms at the Inn, you can choose between the beach front dune room or the water front gulf view room. Each room is steps away from the beach and comes with complimentary bikes or kayaks, depending on your preference. Watercolor is also a two minute bike ride from Seaside!

Grab a Grouper sandwich at the Seagrove Market Cafe
When you see the Village Market off of 30-A don't drive past it, you'd be missing out on the Gulf Coast's best grouper sandwiches and sweet tea! Walk in the front door, pass through the market and   enter the cafe in the back. You can place your order then sit on the back patio and sip on sweet tea while you wait for your delicious food to arrive. If you don't like grouper they have plenty of other seafood options like shrimp Po-boys and golden fried oysters. I know this place may seem like a hole-in -the-wall but it's definitely a hole-in-the-wall that's worth your time!

Spend an afternoon at the Caliza pool in Alys Beach
Take a break from the ocean and drive over to Alys Beach, the most recent addition to the small beachside villages developed on 30-A. Its gorgeous Caliza pool is designed after the tradition of the Greek Agora with a saltwater pool, a separate family pool, a lap pool, a spa whirlpool and outdoor living areas and cabanas. I promise when you're there you'll feel as if you've been transported to a luxurious retreat off the coast of Europe. 

Easter Service at Rosemary Beach
 I have saved the best place on 30-A for last and it happens to be where you need to go for Easter service. A town with architecture that resembles the look of places like the West Indies, St. Augustine and Charleston, Rosemary Beach is a must see destination. Sunday morning, walk along the cobblestone streets, past gorgeous homes and tropical landscaping until you find a crowd gathered in worship on one of the pristine lawns overlooking the beach. The ocean crashes in the background, as the pastor speaks to his congregation of tanned locals and weekend travelers, all gathered together for the same purpose. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tramonti's April Give-Away is the Midnight Row Anchor and the Chain of your choice!

The votes are in and the winner of April's give-away will receive the Midnight Row Anchor and the Chain of their choice!

My favorite thing to do is help women focus on pursuing what they love to do by making it easier for them to look good while they do it... for April's give-away I want to know what it is that you love to do, the thing that you would do every day if you could. It can be anything from sky diving to horseback riding!

You have four chances to participate, which means you have the possibility of being entered up to four times in the drawing. If you participated in March's give-away, your name is already in the drawing, which gives you an extra entry!

All of the entries must be completed by 11 pm on April 7th and the drawing will be announced by 10 am on Thursday April 8th. If you are the winner, you will receive an email from me alerting you that you have won, otherwise the winner will be posted on this blog, facebook and twitter.

Here are the 4 possible ways to enter:

1. Reply to this post and tell me what it is that you love to do, it could be something you do every day like a job or a hobby or it could be something you only do occasionally but wish you could do more often. 
2. Tell me in a tweet @TramontiTweets or on my Facebook Fan Page the name of a piece of jewelry from my website that you would love to see included in the Whitney Williams Collection launching this summer.
3. Upload a picture of yourself wearing Tramonti jewelry on my Facebook Fan Page, I always love to see my customers wearing Tramonti!
4. Suggest the Facebook Fan Page to a friend that you love

Email me by midnight on April 7th at to let me know how you participated in the give-away. Good luck!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Michael Kors spring/summer 2010 collection

Chloe  Sunglasses

Spring brings Michael Kors ads that transport you to the world of private jets, VIP access and most importantly the perfect tan from days on the yacht off the coast of  St. Tropez and Mykonos.  If you wear the leather Bottega Veneta clutch, you harness the colors of the ocean, sand and sky and to ensure that life always looks perfect, Chloe gives you the option to look through rose colored lenses. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A rare sighting

(Makanyane Safari Lodge)
When I find a photo that interests me I save it to a file. I know there is a very rare chance that I will ever be able to find it again but it also means something important to me at the time. I was looking back through photos I found a few months ago and loved this one from a post on the blog This is Glamorous. I'm sure when I found this photo I thought the Makanyane Safari Lodge would make a great vacation spot to visit one day. Today it served as a reminder to take time to slow down and focus on the present. I put the photo up as my computer's desktop background. I also don't mind the view.