Monday, October 5, 2009

A new twist on something classic

At some point I think all of us wish we could wake up in morning, throw on a little black dress and a strand of pearls and pull it off like Holly Golightly… but in this day and age, that’s just not going to happen. It’s a good day when we can shower, grab a cup of coffee and pull our hair into a ponytail in the ten minutes before our appointments.

This photo of Audrey Hepburn inspired me to re-create a strand of pearls for the girl who’s always on the go. The strand is light and easy to wear and even goes with workout clothes (because let’s face it, we’re wearing those a lot more often than our little black dress)


  1. Haha... I totally should wear my workout clothes more often than I do :)

    But this is definitely a beautiful piece - definitely one of my faves.