Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lake Como Bracelet Give-Away: Enter your name up to 3 times for the drawing!

Win This Bracelet!!!
The give-away ends on Tuesday March 9th at 11 pm and the winner will receive an email the morning of March 10th and will be announced Facebook and Tramonti's daily blog!
(The Lake Como Bracelet)

The Lake Como is made with delicately twisted Italian gold vermeil chain and the size is adjustable with the Tramonti signature hook. Of course, everyone's favorite part is the stone drop... a gorgeous blue aquamarine... Tracy Hutson from Extreme Makeover Home Edition just bought one for herself!

Your name can be entered up to 3 times in the drawing!

Each of the following counts as one entry:

- Respond to this post with your favorite destination to watch the sunset 
  (in honor of Tramonti, the Italian word for sunset)

- Become a fan of Tramonti on Facebook HERE

- Follow Tramonti on Twitter HERE

Once you have completed any or all of these things, send an email to Tramontibywhitney@gmail.com and write about your participation in the subject line. Example: became a fan of Tramonti, commented on the blog post. 

Good Luck!!!


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  2. So far, my favorite place to watch a sunset is Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. Mountains and canyons in back of you, and beautiful ocean waves in front of you make it a perfect spot.

    PS This bracelet is so gorgeous, I hope I win it!

  3. My favorite place to watch the sunset was in Galway Ireland after our wedding. Beautiful bracelet!

  4. Amazing bracelet! My favorite place to watch the sunset is Mallory Square in Key West.

  5. My favorite place to watch the sunset is on the balcony of my summer house in Grand Lake, Colorado. Drinking a glass of wine and watching the sun slip down below the mountains as the colors dance across the lake is magical!

  6. My favorite place to watch the sunset is in Santorini, Greece......! Breathtaking.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Became a fan of Tramonti on Facebook!

  8. Oops, just realized this contest has ended. Sorry!